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Digital Artwork Gallery

Original Mathematical Designs, calculated using the perfect formulas and numbers found in nature, such as the Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio and more random coolness. Art created using HTML Canvas and Javascript.

Clover Matrix One

Fern Factory

Flower Bumblebee Star

Hexagon Rose Spiral

Infrared Star Spiral

Lilypad Spiral77

Lilypad Spiral90

Magnetic Flux 1080

Numbers Eight Clock

Orange Atomic Snail

Purple Star Anise Globe

Simple Perfection

Spiral Cluster Vortex

Spiral Comet

Spiral Comet Cluster

Star Anise Globe

Supernova Candy

Supernova Candy Radians

Supernova Spiral1

Vortex Japan

Yellow Star Anise Globe

Checkered Hyperspace Donut

Landscapes 2018

Waterfall of Color