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Mississauga Artist - Art Series

Landscapes 2018

New landscape series started in August 2018. Featuring skies, clouds, water, trees, shacks, icebergs, oceans, waves and more. Nature brings an ever changing beauty every single day. But I get to enjoy capturing and exploring scenes from my imagination. Lots of learning and experimentation with light, perspective, colors, forms and moods. All leading to the magic that unfolds on the canvas.

Waterfall Of Color

These are one of a kind originals painted by Mississauga Artist Jonathan Wiznuk. The thread that unifies this series is the vibrant vertical blends with glowing streaks and exciting color contrasts. The paintings have a calm relaxing feeling and are perfect pieces for any modern living space, business or condo lobby. They breathe life into the wall and can add a wonderful splash of color.

Landscapes 2018

Waterfall of Color