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Mississauga Artist - Abstract Paintings

Painting Collection: Waterfall Of Color - Acrylics on Canvas

These are one of a kind originals painted by Mississauga Artist Jonathan Wiznuk. The thread that unifies this series is the vibrant vertical blends with glowing streaks and exciting color contrasts. The paintings have a calm relaxing feeling and are perfect pieces for any modern living space, business or condo lobby. They breathe life into the wall and can add a wonderful splash of color.

Fire Sunset

Fire Sunset - Acrylic on Canvas (24"/36") - available

Ice Caves

Ice Caves - Acrylic on Canvas (24"/36") - sold


Spectrum - Acrylic on Canvas (24"/36") - available

Lavender Field

Lavender Field - Acrylic on Canvas (24"/36") - available

Wax Machine

Wax Machine - Acrylic on Canvas (24"/36") - available

Candy Splash

Candy Splash - Acrylic on Canvas (24"/36") - sold

Bee Happy

Bee Happy - Acrylic on Canvas (24"/36") - sold

Electric Sunrise

Electric Sunrise - Acrylic on Canvas (24"/36") - sold

Midnight Moonlight

Midnight Moonlight - Acrylic on Canvas (24"/36") - sold